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Most Private Telemedicine that never stores/tracks your data.

Feely-telemedicine is not only looks after your patients health, but also takes-care about their privacy.

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Power of privacy

Designed for 2020 and Beyond.


Lacto® AI Privacy Shield

For the first time in the digital world, to use AI for a better cause. We have designed and trained our Lacto AI to protect and safeguard our user's privacy.


Magic URL

We understand doctors and so do their problems, hence we have made our telemedicine super easy to use not only for doctors but also to patients. With our magic URL patient need not install any apps/sign-ups to take virtual consultation.
Multiple data backups,
Stringent data privacy policies and Fully end-end encryption.


Encrypted Messages

Public and private chats are built, with a focus on productive, safe, and secure messaging integrated with Lacto Privacy Shield, Which does auto shredding of all the messages as soon as you leave.


Live. Record. Play

Full HD Live video consultations with crystal HD-Audio. Recording consultations has never been so easy.


Privacy based Consultations

Prescribing medicines has never been easier. Our Feely telemedicine has integrated with the Lacto privacy shield. Which monitors real-time threats and ensures complete privacy by deleting all logs Making Feely-telemedicine as private as your hospital.


Peer-Peer Medical Learning

Our innovative learning features like peer-peer resource share makes feely Telemed altogether new telemedicine that not only helps with your practice but also it ensures that you stay updated with all the latest medical information. Thanks to Lacto-AI

How easy is FeelyTelemed to use?

As Easy As Saying Easy


Magic URL

With our magic URL, its takes only 3 Seconds to join the consultation. Patients aren't required to install/sign-up or need not to do any-other mundane tasks to consult a doctor.

What makes Feely-Telemed, the Feely-Telemed.

A telemedicine with Privacy and AI.

Feely has been designed with privacy as its core to make our users feel safe and private. Feely is the only Telemedicine that has integrated with advanced AI called LACTO. With this, we ensure our user's online privacy by giving them a sense of mental pleasure that they're on a private and safe platform.

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Think you know about

Think Deeper.


AI-Data Shredder

As soon as you close the window / End the video-call, we delete everything, literally everything, including digital logs of the session.

Feely Telemedicine got compliance that goes beyond HIPPA with

The ZERO's You All Love


Your Rules, Your Pricing.

Your Medical Practice


Unlike others Feely don't charges any commission on consultations/appointments that you had on our Feely platform.

A company that doesn't sell its
customers data

But Privacy based products.

Telemedicine that actually boosts ROI. Value.


ROI upto 80X within first quarter

People who believed and recognized us

The REAL people who felt the REAL PRIVACY

Truly Unlimited - Unlimited Appointments Appointment Fee  
 Your patients, Your Fees, Our experience.

No Credit card required, Cancel Anytime, No contracts

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